Welcome to Third Grade!
 This week your child will receive a book order form in an envelope to order our class books, that have been created in both English and Spanish.  Should you decide to order a book, please return the form by Tuesday, January 17.  Each book costs $19.95.  Mrs. Kitterman and I have decided that keeping homework due on Friday is better for most families, and will return to that expectation.  The exception will be when there is no school on Monday.  If there is no school on a Monday, homework will be due the following Monday.  Up coming events are the Science Fair scheduled for Thursday, March 2, with family viewing from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m..  The goal of the science fair is to celebrate scientific exploration. Science fair projects are to be done in English this year.  Instructions and guidelines for the project will be done here at school, but the projects are to be done at home.  Science fair projects are highly encouraged for third graders, but are not required. A field trip to Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra is happening in March, look for more information to be coming.  We look forward to a strong second half to third grade, building on the amazing learning and growth students have already made!
 Future field trips: 
  • Book Order forms due   Tuesday, January 17th 
  • Science Fair                   Thursday, March 2nd
  • Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra   March 23
  • Safeway                     TBD
  • Red Rock State Park May 15    
Extra homework copies can be found on the homework link. Homework packets are handed out every Monday with the language arts portion due on Monday.  The Math is due on the day at the top of the sheet.  Homework help can also be found on the homework help link.
  • Math

                  Name: Sara S. Klause
 Title: Third Grade English Teacher
Email Address: sklause@fusd1.org
Phone number: 928-773-4090
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