Are you looking for a rewarding job? Look no further....By applying for the Flagstaff Unified School District, you will not only be working with some of the friendliest people in town, you will also be making an impression on a new generation of young people!
FUSD Job Opportunities  
become a sub

Click here for an informational sheet on how to become a
Substitute Teacher

Arizona Department of Education:
For information on Certifications please contact the  Arizona Department of Education/Certification Unit  602-542-4367

 ONCE HIRED: Employment Verification Forms are required for Teachers and OT/PT/NURSES:

The Employment Verification Form or the Employment Verification Form Nurses, OT & PT  is required for purposes of recording experience, as well as for purposes for salary placement. If you have been hired please send the verification form to your previous employers.
Tips for applying through our applicant online system:
  1. If you will be a new addition to our district, please create a new applicant online account with our system. (Our systems administrator dude placed some really great step-by-step instructions on the first page for your convenience. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. (You will thank me later :) )
  2. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you write down and remember your log-in and password information. (after filling-out an entire application, no one wants to start over!)
  3. IF you are currently an FUSD employee, and you are applying for an external application, you will need to create an applicant online account. (Please do NOT use your employee id or email account for this account.) IF the position is internal, you will need to log-in to your employee online account. (the employee online account is the one you normally see your paystubs in)
  4. RELAX! If you get overwhelmed or in a rush, don't worry! Our system has a way for you to "Finish Later".
As always, someone on our HR team is willing to help. Please do not hesitate to call our number at 928-527-6070 and we will be glad to assist!
Good Luck!

*Note: Applications will be returned, if the work history section is not completed, so please be sure to complete this section.   Be sure to click the "add" buttton for each job entry, before you click  "next".
Please write down your log-in and password for Applicant Online so that it can be remembered 
if and when applying for more than one job opening.
Certified - Teaching positions
Classified - Non-Teaching positions 

If you are currently employed with FUSD and you are applying for an 
external position, you must NOT USE YOUR EMPLOYEE ID#

If you are currently employed with FUSD and you are applying for an 
internal (in-district) position, you must 
log-in to your Employee Online account with your Employee ID. 
*Note: Internal Job postings not open to substitute teachers.