Welcome to Risk Management

Name: Elaine Keller
Title: Administrative Assistant, Operations
Email Address: ekeller@fusd1.org
Phone number: 928-527-6010


District Risk Management issues fall within two categories. The first is Property & Liability Insurance.  The second is Student Accident & Health Insurance.

District coverage is NOT provided for students! Parents are financially responsible for their children - even at school. However, the District contracts with Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co., Inc. and Markel (student insurance) to make low cost student plans available to parents who need to obtain coverage. Applications are available at all schools.

Robert Kuhn, Assistant Superintendent, Operations, is Risk Manager for FUSD. Any and all property or liability claims (result of negligence) against the District must go through him. To discuss a claim for damages call him at 928/527-6010.

Any and all workers compensation claims by FUSD employees must go through Dietrich Sauer, Director of Human Resources. To discuss a claim (result of work injury) call him at 928/527-6073.


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