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Marshall Online Weather Station

Weather Station

The Marshall School Online Weather Station, a component of our ongoing Science Lab development project, has been installed on our rooftop since 2014.  It's data tables and current readings are available to you, your family, and your students online 24-7.

You can access the Marshall School Online Weather Center, which features current conditions, regional meteorological tables and local forecasts, as well as a live HD-camera image of the Peaks from our rooftop every day of the year.
You can also access a quick, up-to-the-second table of current weather conditions at Marshall School online via this link.

If you click on the "station graph" link on the Online Weather Center page you can select a wide variety of variables to produce interesting graphs of our recent conditions. The "monthly obs" and "daily obs" links will also lead you to some great real-world data tables, though at the moment, because our station is only a few days old, these tables are still in the process of populating data.

Finally, selecting "enlarge" below the live image, will not only give you a bigger picture of the peaks to look at, but will allow you to toggle backward in time by the hour, day, or month.