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Cate Malone

Instructional Specialist

Name: Cate Malone 

Title: Instructional Specialist
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Why Is Reading Important to a Learner's Success in School?


Reading is a fundamental component of life in its entirety. To function adequately in our bustling, technology-driven society, it is important to possess the basic skills of reading. To be successful in school, students need to demonstrate the ability to acclimate to new concepts with a adequate degree of understanding. This skill set is not only required for reading, but for all other subject areas as well.

Puente de Hozho is continuously working to meet the needs of our biliterate learners.
At Puente de Hozho, all students are placed in flexible groups which focus on the specific skill each individual student needs to master.
Reading flex-groups are implemented in grades kindergarten through fifth.

Math flex-groups are implemented in grades second through fifth.