• Attention Students and Parents


     On October 12, 13, & 14 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Sinagua will be on half days for parent/teacher conferences. The schedule is listed below. October 12th is the beginning of the second quarter, however, during these half days teachers will be meeting with parents of students from the first quarter.


    In addition, October 15, 16, & 19 (Thursday, Friday, Monday) is the Fall holiday.  So the first day with students attending thier second quarter classes will be Tuesday, October 20th.


    Students attend these classes (quarter 2) then are done at 11:00 am.  Parent/teacher conferences begin after 11:00 am with parents from quarter 1. 

    7:40-8:35       3
    8:40-9:00       Pathway
    9:05-10:00       8 (10)
    10:05-11:00    9

    Hope that helps. 

    Mr. Colvard