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    Name: Veronica Villegas
    Title: Social Studies Teacher
    Email Address: vvillegas@fusd1.org 
    Phone number: 928-527-5500
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    'Ma ka hana ka 'ike'—In the work is the knowledge

    Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies at Sinagua Middle School! My name is Ms. Villegas. This will be my 15th year teaching, my 8th at SMS. I have very high expectations of all of my students and I am very excited to be working with you!  

    There are a few very important items that I would like to bring to your attention as we begin the year. First, students are required to bring the following items to class daily: 

    1. An agenda/planner
    2. A composition book or spiral notebook (for Social Studies ONLY)
    3. A double pocket folder or binder (for Social Studies ONLY)
    4. A pencil
    5. Lined paper
    6. Completed homework
    7. Social Studies textbook
    8. Lanyard & ID

    Students are expected to focus on their learning and complete all assignments to the best of their abilities throughout the year. We have a saying we’ll be using in our class: 'Ma ka hana ka 'ike' - In the work is the knowledge. Students will learn and retain the information by working hard and completing all in class work as well as homework. In addition, students will take a Common Assessment Pre-test at the beginning of the year and a Post-test at the end of the year, which will be their Final Exam. The Common Assessment Final will cover the important concepts and objectives students will learn throughout the year. The Final will be worth 15% of the student’s grade. Parents, please check your student’s agenda daily and sign the agenda each Friday. In addition, I will post daily assignments and important links on this webpage. I look forward to an awesome year and have no doubt that all of my students will be successful! 

    Thank you!


    October 9-20 Assignments:

    (*Updated Tuesday Oct.10)


    Monday Oct. 9

    In Class: My Personal History Presentation. Geography Presentation & Map Skills

    Homework: None


    Tuesday Oct. 10

    In Class: Geography Ch. 1 Sect. 1 - 5 Themes of Geography

    Homework: In your notebook, write a T3C summary. Describe geography & the 5 Themes of Geography.


    Wednesday Oct. 11

    In Class: 5 Themes of Geography Poster

    Homework: None 


    Thursday Oct. 12

     No School - Fall Holiday


    Friday Oct. 13

     No School - Fall Holiday


    Monday Oct. 16

    In Class: World Atlas & Geogaphy Skills Handbook

    Homework: None


    Tuesday Oct. 17

    In Class: World Atlas & Geography Skills Handbook

    Homework: None


    Wednesday Oct. 18

    In Class: World Atlas & Geography Skills Handbook

    Homework: None


    Thursday Oct. 19

    In Class: 5 Themes of Geography Poster

    Homework: Finish 5 Themes of Geography Poster


    Friday Oct. 20

    In Class: Sinagua History Day Research

    Homework: Sinagua History Day Research


    SHD Packet

    NHD Theme Book 2018

    Annotated Resource Set (ARS)

     Bibliography Example

    Process Paper Example

    SHD Power Point


    Click on the link below for additional information or documents:

    7th Grade Syllabus

    Period 5/6 Ms. Villegas & Ms. Fawcett Syllabus

    7th Grade Honors Syllabus

    Personal Code of Conduct Sheet

    Citizenship & Bullying Sheet

    Learning Styles & Metacognition Sheet