Coconino Institute of Technology Physics

  • The Coconino Institute of Technology is an accelerated science and engineering program offered at Coconino High School.
    The CIT Physics class is one of two classes that Freshmen take in their first semester in CIT. It is taught in collaboration with Mr. Tessmer's CIT Engineering I Class. Together we explore the physics principles that make the world tick and apply them by creating exciting engineering projects.
    CIT Physics is a dynamic, hands-on class. Students don't just learn physics: they experience physics first hand!
    Topics covered in CIT Physics include:
    1. Scientific Process
    2. Contant Velocity
    3. Kinematics
    4. 2 Dimensional Kinematics (Projectile Motion)
    5. Newton's 1st and 3rd Laws (Statics)
    6. Newton's 2nd Law (Dynamics)
    7. Energy and Momentum
    8. Circular Motion
    9. Light, Sound, Optics
    10. Basic Circuits & Electricity
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