• Digital Photography II-III

    Instructor: Thomas Viskocil

    Phone: 773-82?? classroom

    Email: tviskocil@fusd1.org

    Course Description

    This class is designed to provide students with an advanced working knowledge of traditional and digital photographic techniques, theory, and history. Students will combine compositional techniques and manual controls of a SLR digital camera to their individual creative works through the exploration of various fields and movements within photography. They will also gain and demonstrate knowledge of how to constructively critique their own work, as well as that of their peers. Students will apply digital manipulation techniques (Adobe Photoshop) as it applies to photo editing through a variety of situations, including advertising, abstract and portrait photography. Additionally, they will begin to develop their own sense of style while learning how to display and archive their work, as well as how to create a personal and professional portfolio accompanied by their own artist statements.

    Course Materials

    Students will be provided all the necessary supplies including a notebook, handouts, a camera to use during class, a computer and a CD to save all their photos at the end of the year.



    Students must attend class on a regular basis. A majority of the work is done in class. Numerous absences will negatively affect a student’s grade. It is the students responsibility to make up work missed for any reason.

    Grading will be based on the following scale:

    90-100% = A     80-89% = B       70-79% = C      60-69% = D      Below 60% = F

    Each week students will have a deadline to meet for an assignment.


    Students must follow school expectations when in class and do not have the right to disturb the learning process. Students should be listening to lectures, watching and taking notes during videos, and completing projects.

    Course Outline (subject to change)

    Weeks 1-6

    Topics include planning a photo shoot using production phase tasks.

    Weeks 7-12

    Topics include performing tasks using post-production phases.

    Weeks 13-18

    Topics include the delivery and distribution of photographic products according to guidelines and consumer expectations.



    I have read the syllabus and agree to abide by the rules and format of the class.


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