• CHS Yearbook I-II-III-IV

    Instructor: Thomas Viskocil

    Phone: 773-82??

    Email: tviskocil@fusd1.org


    Course Description

    This course will provide students the ability to put their journalistic skills to use.

    The prime objectives of this class are the production of the school yearbook and the creation of Spring slide shows as necessary.  Students will create the yearbook using a web site provided by Jostens Publishing Company. Students learn publishing skills, digital photography techniques, business techniques and layout design. Students will also learn interviewing skills and use journalistic writing styles. Students will have to work outside of class to accomplish these goals. I hope you can support your students in this challenging yet rewarding endeavor.


    Course Materials

    Students will follow traditional news corporation deadlines that they need to meet each week. These weekly deadlines can include writing, photography, layout, graphics and other publishing duties. Students can be helped by owning their own digital cameras. Camera phones do not work. If students don’t have digital cameras, we have some they can use.



    Students must attend class on a regular basis. A majority of the work is done in class and deadlines will be given each week. Numerous absences will negatively affect a student’s grade.

    Grading will be based on the following scale:

    90-100% = A              80-89% = B     70-79% = C    60-69% = D    Below 60% = F

    Each week students will be given an assignment that must be met by deadline Friday. Grades will be based on meeting weekly deadlines.



    I have read the syllabus and agree to follow the expectations of this class.


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