Missing Work and Late Assignments


    High school is a busy and exciting time!

    Stay organized by using StudentVue to its full potential.

    I typically upload assignments at least a week in advance. You can see what's due in my class (and all your other classes) by accessing your StudentVue calendar.

    I will also upload any assignments handed out in class as a downloadable file to StudentVue. If you miss school, just click on the assignment and you can download and print it from home.

    I will only give you ONE copy of an assignment...if you misplace it, you will need to print another from Student Vue.


    If you miss a lab:

    Laboratory work is critical to the understanding of physics. If you are absent the day we do a lab, you will need to arrange to make it up within 3 days of missing class. You will need to make an appointment with me at a time that works for both of us. 

    Due to the large amount of lab equipment juggled every day, labs may not be made up after one week! Please help me keep you up to speed by making up your missing labs in a timely manner. THANKS!


    Late Work:

    Late work in all my classes can be turned in until the day of the Unit Exam. For example, all late work for Unit 1 is due until the day we take the Unit 1 exam. The number one reason why grades are lower than they should be is missing work...please help me help you earn the best grade you can by staying on top of your work. THANKS!