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    • Be prepared when class begins
      • Have your iPad
        • No iPad/not charged iPad could result in TLC
      • Be in dress code
        • Hats are permitted until the privilege is abused - then a 2 week hiatus from hats will be instilled for that class only.
        • No butts, bellies, offensive clothing or sunglasses
      • Have any work that is due that day
      • Be in your seat, ready to work when the bell rings
        • Unexcused tardies will result in TLC
    • Be respectful
      • Keep your body and belongings to yourself
      • Respect others' belongings
      • No swearing, rude gestures, cruel teasing, or putdowns
      • Use e-hallpass to request a break
        • Do not ask Mrs. Wright unless the sound did not occur
        • If it says there is too much hall traffic, wait 5 minutes and try again
        • Some will be restricted to only using facilities between classes - this is an administrative decision
      • Use electronics only when permitted (Mrs. Wright will let you know)


    1st – Warning

    2nd – Teacher Conference

    3rd – Moved to a different seat

    4th – RTR (Responsible Thinking Room) – Your child or Mrs. Wright will be calling you.

  • Characteristics of a Leader

    Students have learned that they can…

    • talk in a way that is positive and helpful
    • move in a way that is controlled and purposeful
    • think in ways that are appropriate and responsible
    • respect the importance of self and others
    • lead themselves and others in a positive direction

    … on a daily basis to improve their leadership in all classes.


    Late work

    • Unfinished work on the day that it is due will result in TLC.
      • Students are often able to move from T.L.C. after school to classroom tutoring. If they are permitted to attend tutoring rather than T.L.C., they must ask a teacher and obtain a pass to do so.
    • Students with accommodations will be recognized and worked with on an individual basis in order to meet their needs. However, accommodations and modifications do not prevent T.L.C.
    • There are many after-school tutoring opportunities. See schedule here!


    • Mrs. Wright will not assign homework specifically. Students earn homework when they do not use their class time wisely or they choose to complete a project at home. Time is class is always allotted for assignments.
    • DO NOT wait until the night before a project is due to complete it. This can create undue stress on your child and cause them to have anxiety towards school.

    Absent Work

    After any absence, your child is responsible for gathering the work for the day they were absent. There is an absent file box with past-due work in it from up to a month past. It is the responsibility of your child to get this work. The teacher and student will work together to determine a length of time needed for your child to complete his/her work. Missed work must be completed or will become a ‘1’ in the gradebook and have a big impact on your child’s grade and possibility for promotion in the future!


    Students are expected to arrive on time and stay for the entire class period. Students must be in their seats when the bell rings. Students who arrive late will be marked tardy (if you are more than twenty minutes late, you will be marked absent). It is important that students attend all class meetings. It can be very difficult for your child to make up all missed work when absent. Students’ presence and participation make a strong learning community. Moreover, instances regarding absences of ten or more will be handled in line with the policies in your child’s handbook.