• After completing 6th grade art you should be able to say the following:
    • I am open to trying new ideas, materials, methods and approaches in my art.
    • I can interpret art by analyzing the elements, principles and contextual information.
    • I can develop plans for personally meaningful artwork that also explores ideas that are new to me.
    • I can identify concrete details that contribute to good craftsmanship in a work of art.
    • I can determine whether or not my artwork communicates an intended idea explain any needed changes.
    I offer art tutoring after school every Monday for anyone who needs extra time for a project or would like some one one one time. Meet me in room 211 after school on Mondays for art tutoring. 
    Enrollment in an art class comes with a General Art Club membership which allows participation in Lesson Extentions. Lesson Extentions provides extra studio time to work on projects as well as an opportunity to take an assigned project a few steps further. Art Club meets on Fridays after school.