• Red panther On-the-Job
     The On-The-Job (OTJ) class is the name of the class assigned to students who are working part-time in the community and receiving school credit.  Students working at least 10 hours per week will receive one OTJ credit for the school year and those working 15 hours or more per week  can receive a maximum of two OTJ credits.  Students who want to receive either one or two OTJ credits must be enrolled in the School to Work class and successfully complete and pass the class. Thus, a student enrolled in School to Work and working part time could receive a maximum of three elective credits that count toward graduation.
    If enrolled in the OTJ class, OTJ will show up on their schedule anywhere from 0 through 8th hour.  During the time that OTJ is on the student's schedule, they are not expected or required to be at school. This class is only open to seniors and students must have a part time job or be volunteering in the community.  If a student chooses to volunteer, they will receive double the time for every hour worked.  This option greatly helps the student who is involved during the week with activities or sports.  
    Hours worked on the weekend also contribute to the weekly requirement.  If you have any questions, stop Room 406 and see Mr. Friend or email me at rfriend@fusd1.org with any questions.