• Dine History & Government
       Ya'at'eeh! Welcome to Dine History and Government. This class operates on the four A's: Attendance, Attention, Attitude, and Accountability. You are required to come to class prepared and ready to work, when the bell rings. Please, bring all necessary learning tools (pencil, paper, textbook, etc.) to class with you. You are required to keep track of your own notes and classwork and weekly quizzes. I am looking forward to a positive and successful school year.
    Course Description: 
       This course, explores such topics as, the Navajo Code, political processes, the impact of government in the community, the interrelationship of the three branches of the government, the history of the Navajos and their contributions to society. The class will emphasize Problem Based Learning and it will require a great deal of reading, writing, speaking and citizenship. For students that are going on to university or college, this class will satisfy the requirements to apply for the Chief Manuelito Scholarship along with 2 years of Navajo language classes.  
    Course Objectives
       1. To learn about the Navajo history and Navajo government system.
       2. To learn about the working and process of the Navajo Nation Government system.
       3. To learn about leadership, rights and citizenship of the Navajos.
       4. To appreciate and enjoy the customs of the Navajo culture. 
     Course Textbook:
    Limited textbook are available in class.
       Dine: A History of the Navajos by Peter Iverson.    
       The Navajo Political Experience by David E. Wilkins.
    Grading Scale:
    The grading system is based on points and weights. Practice: 20% (weekly participations, bell work questions, etc.), Performance and Measurements 80% (Lesson test, quizzes, projects, presentations, etc.). Example: If you receive a 40/50 on a paper, that equals a B letter grade or 80%. 
    A.............90% or above
    B.............80% to 89%
    C.............70% to 79%
    D.............60% to 69%
    F..............59% and below
    Assignments are due the day it is assigned. Otherwise, it will be noted to the students.
    Assessment policy: Final Exam is worth 15% of the total grade.