• Dine Bizaad: Speak, Read, Write Navajo
     Semester 1: August to December
    Review: Introduction, numbers, colors, months, days of the week, family terms, etc.
    Lesson 11 Goals:
    • Learn to tell time in the past. Speak of where one has been. Use verb: "to come". Be able to describe the weather. Begin to speak of buying and cost. 
    Lesson 12 Goals:
    • Learn to express: "to make" in past and present form. Be able to speak about "both" and "all of them". Expand vocabulary on time designations. 
    Lesson 13 Goals:
    • Learn to express: "to want/ to think". Learn the verb: "to play". Be able to use the verb: "to buy" in future form. 
    Lesson 14 Goals:
    • Be able to count money. Get a start on class verbs. More on buying and selling. 
    Lesson 15 Goals:
    • Learn the use of more class verbs. Be able to describe sizes. Learn to designate position. 
    Review for Mid Term:
    Semester 2: January to May 
    Lesson 16 Goals:
    • Learn to describe position with class verbs. Gain facility in using locational enclitics. Use concept: "pick it up". 
    Lesson 17 Goals:
    • Learn to express future: "to go/ to arrive". Be able to tell time. Tell times of the day by the SUN. Be able to tell the days of the week. 
    Lesson 18 Goals:
    • Describe road conditions. Be able to direct a driver. Tell distance in miles. Be able to express acquaintance.  
    Lesson 19 Goals:
    • Learn to use more directionals. Be able to use the verb: "walking along". Be able to apply perfective mode: Handling Verbs. 
    Lesson 20 Goals: 
    • Learn names of furniture in the home. Learn names of areas/ rooms of a house. Acquire vocabulary in a meal setting. Learn to use the verbs: "to eat" and "to drink". 
    Review for Finals: