• Dine Bizaad: Speak, Read, Write Navajo
     Semester 1: August to December
    Review: Introduction, numbers, colors, months, days of the week, family terms, etc.
    Lesson 21 Goals:
    • Learn the use of future and perfective verb: "to tell it". Increase vocabulary of the home surroundings. Learn perfective forms of the verb: "to eat" and "to drink". Enlarge upon vocabulary of Lesson 20.
    Lesson 22 Goals:
    • Be able to talk about a variety of sickness. Learn to apply accompaniment verbs. Be able to use house-care vocabulary. 
    Lesson 23 Goals:
    • Be able to tell cardinal directions. Learn the verb concept: "to commute". Be able to talk about the seasons and general weather. 
    Lesson 24 Goals:
    • Learn more about road conditions. Be able to express frustrations. Use the verb: "to talk". Learn more descriptive words. 
    Lesson 25 Goals:
    • Identify body parts. Learn to use the verb: "to butcher". Continue practice of semeliterative: "again". 
    Review for Mid Term:
    Semester 2: January to May 
    Lesson 26 Goals:
    • Learn to talk about planting crops. Be able to express repeated trips. Learn the perfective verb: "to help". Use more iterative verbs.  
    Lesson 27 Goals:
    • Be able to use the perfective verb: "to work" and "to return". Learn terms concerning meetings. Be able to use a conditional phrase. Learn the use of optative verb.  
    Lesson 28 Goals:
    • Be able to talk about a chapter meeting or any meeting. Learn about chapter officials. Use a variety of paradigms in connections with chapter meetings. 
    Lesson 29 Goals:
    • Learn descriptions of house building. Learn names of tools in the building trades (construction). Be able to name building materials.
    Lesson 30 Goals:
    • Be able to use the verbs: "to cry", "to bark", and "to sleep". Be able to express comparative sizes, lengths, weights.  
    Review for Finals: