• Dine Bizaad: Speak, Read, Write Navajo
     Semester 1: August to December
    Review: Introduction, numbers, colors, months, family terms, etc.
    Lesson 1 Goals:
    • Learn usual greeting. Introduce yourself and start a conversation. Ask a person's name and inquire where the person lives. Ask and answer positive questions. Use independent and possessive personal pronouns. 
    Lesson 2 Goals: 
    • Ask and answer yes/no questions. Negate a statement. Use family relationship terms. Practice use of place names. 
    Lesson 3 Goals:
    • Ask for help. Talk about: "to work". Learn the cardinal numbers 1 to 10. Learn pluralization.   
    Lesson 4 Goals:
    • Telling time by years and months. Learn use of: "to forget," "to remember" and "maybe". Learn to construct subordinate clauses.  
    Lesson 5 Goals:
    • Learn another way of expressing possession. Learn to use nominalizes. Be able to use adjectives. Learn to express: "to read" and " to read it".  
    Review for Mid Term: CSA
    Semester 2: January to May 
    Lesson 6 Goals:
    • Learn to invite someone into the house. Inviting someone back. Learn to ask the names of things in the classroom. Ask for repetition.  
    Lesson 7 Goals:
    • Learn to tell where one resides. Learn to give a reason for actions. Be able to tell of happenings in the past. Use locative and directional enclitics. 
    Lesson 8 Goals:
    • Students will learn colors. Learn to express: "few and many". Learn the names of a few farm animals. Use the verb: "to tell". Make statement with future sense.
    Lesson 9 Goals:
    • Ability to quote people. Learn to speak about going places. Be able to describe means of travel. Use the verb: "to hear". Learn to speak of future time. Be able to express purpose of actions. 
    Lesson 10 Goals: 
    • Learn to express: "together". Use imperfective mode: "to help". Be able to talk about work around the house: "being at home", "taking care of things" and "weaving".  Expressing interest in activities. Learn to express a conditional particle.
    Review for Finals: CSA