• Dine History
    Dine: A History of the Navajo
    Semester 1: August to December
    Ch. 1: "Black Clouds Will Rise": to 1846
    Ch. 2: "We Must Never Forget": 1846 to 1868
    Ch. 3: "Our Beloved Country": 1868 to 1901
    Ch. 4: "A Short Rope": 1901 to 1923
    Ch. 5: "Our People Cried": 1923 to 1942
    Ch. 6: "We Have An Opportunity": 1941 to 1962
    Ch. 7: "We Stand Together": 1962 to 1982
    Ch. 8: "We Survive as a People": 1982 to 2002
    ***Appendix: Treaty of 1868 
    Other: Oral stories (Emergence, Creation, Hero Twins, Coyote stories, etc.) 
    Dine Government
    The Navajo Political Experience
    Semester 2: January to May                                     
    Part I: Foundations of Dine Government and Relations with the United States
       Ch. 1: A Nation Within A Nation
       Ch. 2: Governmental Structure: Its Form and Functions
       Ch. 3: Federal Indian Policy: An Historical Overview
       Ch. 4: Navajo National Government: An Historical Overview
    Part II: Institutions of Dine Government
       Ch. 5: The Framework of Navajo Government Today
       Ch. 6: The Navajo Nation Legislation (The Council)
       Ch. 7: The Navajo Nation Executive (The President & Vice President)
       Ch 8: The Navajo Nation Judiciary (The Courts)
       Ch 9: Local Governing Jurisdictions
    Part III: Political Dynamics of Dine Government
       Ch. 10: Interest Groups and Dine Politics: From Without and Within
       Ch. 11: The Navajo Nation and The Media
       Ch. 12: Dine Voting, Elections, and Campaign Finances
       Ch. 13: A Dine Policy Portfolio
       Appendix A: Timeline of Dine Political History
       Appendix B: Chairmen (Presidents) of the Navajo Nation
       Appendix C: 1850 Treaty
       Appendix D: 1868 Treaty
       Appendix E: 1938 Rules for the Navajo Tribal Council
       Appendix F: Navajo Nation Bill of Rights
       Appendix G: Title Two Amendments of 1989 
       Appendix H: Navajo Nation Local Governance Act of 1998