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    Concert Absence Make-up Assignment:

    In order to make up the points for missing any FHS Band performance, you must attend a live music performance, and then write an essay (typed, not hand written, 500 words minimum) that answers all of the questions below. The concert you attend must be of a similar type of music and/or instrumentation to that of your FHS music ensemble (Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Wind or String Chamber groups, or solo recitals would all qualify). Please check with Mr. McKay if you are not sure whether the concert you plan to attend will be adequate for this make-up assignment. Turn in your completed essay, along with a copy of the printed program from the concert, to Mr. McKay at least one week before the end of the grading period.

    Some good options for concerts to attend would include any NAU School of Music Band, Orchestra, Chamber Music, or Solo Recital performances, any Flagstaff Community Band performance, any Coconino or Flagstaff High School Band or Orchestra concert, or any Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra concert.

    The questions below are grouped in a logical format for the paragraphs in your essay. You can be creative and structure your essay in a different sequence if you would like. This is just a suggested sequence.

    1. Who were the groups or individuals performing?
    2. What were the date, time, and location of the performance you attended?
    3. Why did you choose to attend this performance?


    1. What piece of music did you enjoy the most on this performance?
    2. Why did you like that specific piece of music (describe what you like about it)?


    1. What piece of music did you enjoy the least on this performance?
    2. Why didn’t you like that piece (describe what you did NOT like about it)?


    1. List all of the instruments that were included in this performance.
    2. Describe something about this performance that was particularly interesting to you (it could be something about the location, or the way the performance was presented, or anything else that might have seemed special to you).


    1. Describe something you learned from watching this performance that was not already stated in one of the answers you gave for questions 1-9.