• Newsletter 9/30

    Posted by Jennifer Federio on 9/30/2016
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  • Newsletter 9-16

    Posted by Jennifer Federio on 9/16/2016
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  • Newsletter: 9-2-16

    Posted by Jennifer Federio on 9/2/2016
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  • PTO Parent Contact Needed!

    Posted by Jennifer Federio on 8/29/2016

    Hello, fabulous parents!

    I am asking for a parent volunteer to be our classroom PTO Parent Contact.  Mrs. Wilson is asking for at least one parent per classroom to represent us at PTO meetings throughout the year.  You would not have to go to ALL of them, as many as you are able to attend.  Thank you for considering this position.

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  • Thank you for the well-wishes. Surgery was a success!

    Posted by Jennifer Federio on 8/29/2016

    Thank you for your well-wishes this week.  I had a small surgery that needed to happen asap that kept me out of school Wed. - Fri. last week.  I am feeling much better and am recovering perfectly.  Now that that's out of the way and I have my "new neck," I am ready to TRULY get this year rolling!  Thank you for your love and support... always!

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  • Beginning of the Year "Things to Know"

    Posted by Jennifer Federio on 8/15/2016

    Allergy Alert!  We are a Peanut/Tree Nut FREE classroom!  You may pack your child nuts for lunch, however, there will be no nuts consumed for snack time in the classroom.  Thank you for checking labels at home before sending your child to school with snack items. :) 

    Sunscreen in School:  I will not be sharing sunscreen with children due to skin allergy issues.  If you are concerned that your child will need sunscreen during the school day, please administer before sending him/her to school in the morning.  If you send it with him/ her to school, your child must know how to administer to himself/herself.

    Schedule for the School Day:

    Monday- Thursday

    8:40- Student pick up on playground

    9:00- 9:30 FLEX

    9:30- 11:30 ELA

    11:30-12:05 Specials

    12:10- 12:50 Lunch and Recess

    12:55- 2:30 Math

    2:30- 2:45 Recess

    2:50- 3:20 End of the Day Activities



    8:40 Student pick up

    9:00- 9:35 Art

    9:40- 11:20 Classroom Activities

    11:20- 11:50 Lunch and Recess

    11:55- 12:25 End of the Week Activities


    Specials Schedule:

    Monday: Library and Health

    Tuesday: Music

    Thursday: PE

    Friday: Art


    Homework Policy:

    Homework is NOT to exceed 25-30 minutes WRITTEN WORK and 30 minutes READING unless the parent requests that more homework is given.  If your child is not finishing his/her homework in the time stated above, please let me know and modifications will be made immediately!  As soon as we begin multiplication, nightly math fact practice will be mandatory for all students.  Homework Binders will be coming home in the next month.  STAY TUNED!!!!



    Bullying is not tolerated in my classroom.  Students involved in intentional bullying acts will be given meaningful reflection work in school that must be completed before any privileges (fun time, field trips, recess, assemblies, birthday parties, etc.) resume.  


    Behavior Logs:

    Please sign each night and have your child bring it back to school in the morning.  


    100 Hour Reading Club Calendars:

    This year, students will be required to turn in calendars at the end of that month.  There will be a three day "grace" period that I will accept them at the beginning of the next month.  Students are required to have 100+ logged in order to join the End of the Year Celebration this year.  I will be adding about 20 hours for in-class silent reading, but the rest needs to be logged at home in order to participate in May.  Calendars that do not have totals or names will be tossed.  



    Newsletters can be accessed every other Friday on this website.  If you would prefer a paper copy, I can send one home with your child.


    Classroom Management:

    Our classroom management system revolves around the six pillars of character.  All students have created their six pillars and keep them here at school.  If your child loses a pillar during the school day, the Behavior Log will be filled out informing you of what happened.  Should your child choose to earn it back that day, he/she may focus on that trait specifically and do work related to that trait. That should all be marked on the B.L. when it arrives home.  Please help promote positive character by talking about his/her school day!  If a disruptive behavior persists, please understand that I will be having your child call home during the school day to speak directly to you or your voicemail regarding the matter.  Thank you for your love and support!


    Mad Scientist Fridays:

    Every other Friday, we will be having "Mad Scientist Friday!!!!"  Students will be engaging in hands-on/ minds-on STEAM experiences.  Please send your child in with an old, long sleeve button up shirt that you don't mind getting messy!  This will be his/her Mad Scientist uniform for these Fridays. :) 


    Student of the Week:

    This year, our students will have one week to be the SUPERHERO OF THE WEEK!  Students will have the opportunity to fill out their section of our class binder and do other "superhero" related things throughout the week to celebrate themselves.  Please stay tuned for information regarding SUPERHERO OF THE WEEK!


    Kids Need Cans:

    Please send one tin can (cleaned out) in with your child by Monday, August 22nd.  We will be creating mailboxes after reading Have You Filled A Bucket Today?  If you have an extra can to contribute, please feel free to share it with us. :)  


    Classroom Volunteers:

    If you would like to volunteer in class or at home, please email me at jfederio-carolus@fusd1.org.  Please include what day and time you would prefer to volunteer.  

    AR Book Labels:

    I am in need of a mom or dad who would love to volunteer to label our classroom library books with AR colors and levels.  This can be done in class or at home if you would like to bring home a small stack at a time.  This is a HUGE task, and I deeply appreciate the assistance!

    Remind 101:

    Papers went home last week regarding REMIND 101.  If you would like to sign up to receive texts from me regarding important in-class reminders, please refer to the paper sent home on Friday.  



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