• 6th Grade Physical Education Spring/Fall Schedule

    Week 1:            Fitness Gram Pre-Test: Push-up, Curl-up, Pacer Run,Mile Run, Sit and           Reach.


    Week 2:           Team Building and Fitness Gram Pre-Test make-up tests.


    Week 3-5:        Kickball


    Weeks 6-8:      Ultimate Frisbee


    Weeks 9-11:    Wiffleball


    Weeks 12-14:  Fitness 


    Weeks 15-17   Handball


    Week 18:        Fitness Gram POST Test:  Push-up, Curl-up, Pacer Run, Mile Run, Sit and     Reach

    **Fall Schedule is the opposite order of the Spring Schedule**


     6th Grade Health Class

    ü          *Health Class meets only once per week

    ü          *14-week Personal Activity Log:

    ·     5 Days per week.

    ·     60 Minutes per day.

    ·     Vigorous to Moderate level.

    ·     Any type of exercise, activity, sport.

    ·     Personal time is after the bell until you arrive back to school the next day.

    ü          *Fitness Gram Goal Setting

    ü         * Fitness Trivia CSA preparation

    ü          *Unit evaluations

    ü          *Heart Rates

    ü          *Note-taking

    ü          *Reflective Writing