• Duel Enrollment: DE
    The DE Program with Coconino Community College
    The Second semester of the school year, students are welcome to enroll into this program to get CCC college credit at the same time he or she is getting high school credit. The classes are taught at the high school during regular school time by the high school teaches. Dual enrollment instructors meet the same credential requirement as a college instructor. We use college textbook or one approved by the department chair and teach college outcomes for the course. 
    Students enroll in DE courses will receive CCC credit and an official CCC transcript upon satisfactory completion of their courses. 
    In order to receive credit, student must officially enroll with CCC, while in high school.


    DE is not available for Navajo I & II.



    DE Programs for Navajo: ($10.00 per credit)

    Navajo Language III-  2nd semester (January to May), CCC course is NAV 101. 4 Credit, FEE $40.00
    Navajo Language IV-  2nd semester (January to May), CCC course is NAV 102. 4 Credit, Fee is $40.00