•              My current role at Killip is Instructional Specialist.  This position has offered me many new opportunities both in and outside of the classroom.  I work closely with Tina Hurst, who holds the same job title.  We work together with our teachers and staff members to assure that our students are receiving the educational opportunities to prepare them for success in the 21st Century.   
                 Effective collaboration is essential to student success.  At Killip, our teaching teams participate in weekly CTs, or Collaborative Learning time to review and update lesson plans, review and discuss grade level and individual student data, as well as any school wide initiatives that we, as a staff, are working on.  Tina and I are responsible for guiding these meetings.
                Working with individual students or small groups of students during our Intervention time, is another part of this position that I truly love.  We are currently using Raz Kids and Edmentum Exact Path for our Intervention curriculum.  We support our Intervention students four times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each support providing them with direct instruction of strategies, practice time and aligned assessments.  
                Assessment is a very important way of showing accountability of what and how standards are being taught.   Scheduling and assessing students, collecting the data from these assessments and making instructional adjustments based on the data, is part of our responsibilities.  Assessments include Arizona State and Flagstaff Unified School District required tests, as well as standards based, teacher created projects.  
                Killip Elementary School has always made decisions based on what is best for students.  I am honored to be a part of that mission and commitment to assure the success of each individual child.