Mandatory State Testing Requirements

  • Who is required to test?

    Arizona state law requires all distance learning students who receive classes free of charge participate in state-mandated testing. Concurrently enrolled students test at their home school, while full-time students test with MDLP. Students who take one or two courses with MDLP but are not enrolled in any other public school are considered full-time students. Students will need to bring a photo ID to the test. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the testing room.

    What test will my student take?

    • The AIMS Science test is required for:
      1. 8th graders
      2. 9th grade students who have completed the full year of biology or are currently enrolled in Sc492
      3. 10th grade students who did not take the AIMS Science test during their freshman year
    • Arizona public school students in Grades 3 through high school will take AzMERIT. Students in Grade 3 through 8 will take an assessment in English language arts and mathematics at their grade level. Students taking high school level English and mathematics will take End-of-Course assessments that will test their proficiency in these subjects. If a grade 3-8 student is enrolled in a high school course, the student will take the end of course assessment for that course instead of the grade level assessment.
    • According to Arizona Revised Statue 15-701.01, students are required to pass a civics test to earn a high school diploma. This requirement applies to students graduating in 2017 and beyond. Mesa Distance Learning students in grades 8 and above will be offered two opportunities each school year to take the civics test.

    What will happen if I don't attend the test?

    Because state law requires all distance learning students to take the mandated tests, students who fail to attend will be dropped from our program or required to pay tuition for additional courses.

    How long will the testing take?

    None of the tests are timed, however students are expected to complete each testing session within 3-4 hours.