• Welcome to Kinsey Inquiry and Discovery School

    Please bring the following documents when you register your child. Once all documents have been approved, your child will start school the following day. (This allows teachers to prepare to receive your child - getting a desk and textbooks ready, entering your child into the attendance data base.)


    Registration Requirements

    paw_prnt  Birth Certificate

    paw_prnt  Immunization Records

    paw_prnt  Complete address of previous school

    paw_prnt  Proof of residence, i.e. current utility bill, rental agreement or other proof

    In the interest of your child's health and safety, it is important that we have current information about:

    paw_prnt  Address and home phone number

    paw_prnt  At least one work phone number

    paw_print  Name and phone number of additional contacts in case of an emergency.

     paw_prnt If you move or change phone numbers, please inform the office immediately