Accelerated Math 7/8

  • Welcome to Accelerated Math 7/8!

    Accelerated 7/8 is the second course in the accelerated middle school mathematics pathway.  This course incorporates the remaining 7th grade Arizona Mathematics Standards (not part of the 6/7 course) and all of the 8th grade standards.  These standards include a deep understanding of probability and statistics, application of exponents, the geometry concepts of transformations, congruence and similarity, and the study and application of linear functions and systems.  Appropriate technology will be used to enhance mathematical understanding and problem solving skills.  Accelerated 7/8 incorporates many of the concepts and skills previously learned in first semester of Algebra 1 and Geometry.  The course will move at a rapid pace while still meeting all the standards necessary prior to beginning the redesigned and more rigorous Algebra 1 course in grade 8.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Accelerated 6/7 Math or teacher recommendation.

    Accelerated Math 7/8 is only open to 7th grade students.


    We are using Illustrative Math (Open Up Resources) as our district curriculum.  Please see the Illustrative Math tab on this website to links to the Family and Student Resources at the Open Up Resources website for each unit.  Note that Accelerated Math compresses lessons together, so our lesson numbers do not necessarily align with what is on the website.  Instead look for lesson titles to find more information on what we are working on.  Although the lesson numbers are different, the sequence is the same.