• Knoles Knights 

    Supply List for Ms. Hayes’s 4th Grade Room # 14

    Students will need the following supplies if possible.

    1.                  sticky tabs to use as journal dividers ( Redi Tabs)

    2.                  2 composition folders  100 pages (no spiral notebooks please)

    3.                  2 plastic folders

    4.                  1 pack of Expo markers 

    5.                  1 roll of paper towels

    6.                  zip lock baggies ( 1 box)

    7.                  Pencils/erasers

    8.                  Kleenex 

    9.                  3  high-lighters ( pink, yellow and green)

    10.                filler paper (wide rule)

    12.                Colored pencils

    13.                1 pack Crayola markers

    14.                1 small spool of tape

    15.                Multi-color 3x5 card pack

    16.                Felt Tip Markers

    17.                Post Its 

    18.                Bottled Elmers Glue.......no glue sticks

    Classroom Needs/ Wish List:

    We welcome any donations of the following items now and throughout the year. The 4th grade students and I want to thank you ahead of time for your generous support in the new school year.

    1.                Small Fan     Post It posters       Disinfectant wipes     Kleenex       Large clear packaging tape       Gallon Zip Lock bags      12 month calendar   

                       Large tip permanent markers      Black Sharpies      AA and AAA batteries