• The Oceanography Club organizes an annual field trip to Catalina Island Marine Institute to understand ocean processes firsthand. During the field trip students will be driven in a chartered tour bus to Long Beach, CA from Flagstaff, AZ. From there, students will take a two-hour shuttle boat ride to Catalina Island where they will they stay for the next three days experiencing the ocean and interacting with local flora and fauna species.

    SeaKayaking Snorkeling Funtimes Ropes Course

    During multiple lessons taught by the Marine Institute, students will …

    • Study marine biology through multiple activities including animal dissections, micro- and macro-scopic marine ecosystems study, and a marine invertebrate touch-tank and shoreline hands-on tidal pool study.
    • Work directly with the CIMI staff to study plankton in the Fox Landing Cove as well as deep-water ocean sampling.
    • Get the opportunity to study wave actions in sea kayaks and on paddleboards in the kelp forest ecosystem.
    • Study habitat depletion and the effects of ocean acidification on the kelp forests through a daytime snorkel in the Fox Landing kelp forest.
    • Experience snorkeling and bioluminescence as they are involved in a variety of oceanography data collection techniques.
    • Learn about invasive species and ecosystem balance through the study of the Island’s native/indigenous species of plants/trees and animals from birds of prey to rodents to beetles.

    Contact Ms. Kayce Klecker at for more information