• Welcome AP Biology Students!  AP Biology is a rigorous, college level course offered to high school students who are looking for a challenge!  This course is designed to help you master key introductory biological concepts and prepare for the AP Biology Exam.  The great thing about passing the AP Biology Exam is getting a leg up on your college career by earning college credit.  I look forward to a wonderful year in which our expectations will be high, challenges will be great, and rewards will be well worth our efforts.  If we are all willing to work hard, cooperate with each other, and most importantly, hold each other accountable for teaching and learning, we will surely embark on a fantastic journey of exploring one of the most remarkable areas of science possible!  Life itself!           REMEMBER:  PERSPECTIVE IS HALF THE BATTLE!  
    Perspective is Everything!                        Sneeze
     Check out the Class Syllabus here:  Class Syllabus
    You may also view my Classroom Management Plan here:  Classroom Management Plan