Classroom Supplies

    Welcome to 1st Grade!
    Here is a list of suggested supplies your child will need to perform well this year at school.
    Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to working with you and your child this year!

                         Mrs. Malone


    Supplies each student will need to bring to school:

    ba Backpack (to be brought to school and taken home each day)
      pencil A 3 hole punched Pencil bag with clear window for the BEE binder- please make sure it fits well inside the BEE Binder. 
     binder 1/2"  or 1" binder with clear view window and pockets inside
      Image result for plastic 2 pocket folder purple blue      redfolder Image result for plastic 2 pocket folder purple blue3  plastic/vinyl 2 pocket folders. 1 Purple, 1 Red, and 1 Blue.
     favorite composition book.  2-Black Composition wide ruled notebook
     Image result for 3 ring spiral notebook 2 - any color -3 ring spiral notebook
     Stereo Headphones adaptor
                            Headphones for individual use with iPads. Please make sure the adaptor is straight, not "L" shaped. They won't fit into the new ipad cases if "L" shaped
    flair       1 Red 1 Green Flair Pen - Thin tip washable markers are good as well
    5    Five dollars for FUN FOOD FRIDAY- cooking almost every Friday this year (minus Holidays and Snow day makeups)!

    sharpen     Pencil sharpener w/ shaving catcher
    Supplies each student should have available at home to help with homework:
      crayons     Crayons
     pencils  Pencil

    glue   glue

    Supplies we can always use in the classroom for all students:
         *If everyone brings in each item, we will be set for the year! The starred items are most needed, and others very helpful.

    wipes*Clorox wipes- to wipe off desks everyday
    wi  * Baby wipes- used to wipe hands before snack
    hs   * Hand sanitizer

    Ziploc baggies     Ziploc Bags- gallon size (boys) and sandwich size (girls)

    food     food2   food4 fruit   chxz apple
    Healthy Snack to share- 1 box- served everyday after morning recess or you may bring in your own single serving of
    a nutritious snack. Fruits and veggies, or cheese sticks will be served the day they are brought in.
    If you are able to donate any of the items below, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
    Mr. Sketch smelly markers, safety pins
    Gift card to website: Teachers Pay Teachers- used to buy additional centers & crafts
    Or Michaels, Target or Joannes for craft supplies 
    Extra Wide ruled composition books or 3 ring spiral notebooks 
    Pack of 64 count crayons- they have skin tone colors
    Flair pens- any color party type prizes for prize box
    6 sided pencils- any color- Dixon Ticonderoga preferred