• AUGUST 2020
    Supplies for 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Woodshop Remotely:
    • your student ipad! We will be using CANVAS as our Learning Management System
    • It will be very helpful to have any of the following when you our building our wood working kits:
      • Pencils
      • Ruler
      • Paint and brushes (if you'd like to paint your project)
      • phillips screw driver
      • small claw hammer
      • Masking tape


    Here is what you need for in-person class: 

    • pencils!  Pencils are used in the wood shop every day
    • Hair elastics (if your hair is shoulder length or longer)
    Woodshop: There is a dress code for woodshop safety!  Once we begin working in the shop you will need to remember:
    • wear closed toed shoes
    • long hair must be tied back
    • ANSI rated safety glasses (I provide these, but students are welcome to bring their own). They must be worn at all times while in the shop.
    • no lose clothing
    • we will be working with sawdust, paint, nails, hammers, etc.  Wear clothing you can move comfortably in and possibly destroy.