• What can I do with my child at home to prepare him for a successful school experience?
    You will have a tremendous impact on your child’s success in kindergarten if you work with him or her at home to:

    1. develop good bathroom skills/routine (handwashing)
    2. develop dressing skills (zipping, buttoning and tying)
    3. learn to pick up toys after play
    4. learn to hold and correctly use a pencil, crayons, and scissors
    5. know the ten basic colors
    6. be able to count to 10
    7. be able to recite the ABCs
    8. be able to identify body parts
    9. listen to and follow directions
    10. limit TV watching to spend more time with books and creative activities
    11. use good social skills (sharing, taking turns, accepting responsibility for actions)
    12. learn to accept others who come from different backgrounds
    13. know rhyming words 
    14. Write their first name
    15. Recognize numbers and letters 
    16. Count objects 
    17. beginning sounds of words. 
    18. Know their right from left hand