• Mr. Wade’s Social Studies Class


    Social Contract & Reassessment Policy


    Here’s how test make-ups are going to work in this class. If a student knows more, can do more, understand more, I will give them every opportunity to demonstrate more. Two times, three times, four times, it doesn’t really matter – they will have every opportunity for a reassessment or re-test opportunity. However, students are not entitled to re-test nor will re-testing be automatic. Re-testing is dependent upon two things:


    First, re-testing requires an authentic effort from the student on the previous test. The entire learning process is about students learning from their mistakes via my feedback on what the student did well, what the student struggled with, and or what might require continued work on. If the student does everything they can to prepare and puts their best effort forward on each test attempt, I promise I can and will help you succeed. If the student blows off the test the first time believing they can just retest as many times as they wish, the whole process breaks down. If this occurs I will not be able to provide constructive feedback to the student in order to help the student improve, since the test will not actually represent what the student knows.


    Second, re-testing requires students advancing their understanding of the content. Something has to be different the second time (or third, etc.) the student re-tests so as to make this process a productive experience for all parties involved. After each re-test attempt I will provide students with some targeted instruction that they are to work on and improve their understanding of between each re-test attempt.


    This is our Social Contract for the school year. Students will have to hold up their end of the bargain for this to be able to be the productive learning experience it can be, and not just wasting each other’s time.


    Re-testing is not simply a do-over for the sake of doing it again, or simply trying to guess better. Re-testing is about continuing to progress and improve toward an intended learning goal.


    Come in and tell me you still don’t understand or you need something clarified, and I can work with that. Come in and tell me you’re not ready, and we can possibly tailor the re-testing experience to better support you. Do this every time we have a test or repeatedly for each test and I may suspect that you are trying to work the system. Remember, I see the same students everyday. I will learn how you work and operate individually. It will be easy for me to compare what I will see every day with what I’m being told about your level of preparation for tests. This entire process is dependent upon an honor system or good-faith process and will require honesty from students. I want to specifically focus on student learning, not on how quick a student learns the material. For this to succeed and for all students to succeed in this class I need each student to help meet me halfway in order for us to all get the most out of the learning experience.


    If I suspect students are not holding up their end of the bargain, we are going to have some problems. I will first have a conversation with the student where I will remind them of this social contract. If the problem continues, I will make a call home to parents or guardians where I will let them know that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the teacher to continue offering re-test opportunities due to the student abusing the privilege. This is not because I want to deny the student the opportunity to re-test or make them “earn it,” but rather the re-test process has become a waste of time for both me and the student. It is only distracting when we worry about how to work the system to our benefit than simply doing your best to learn the content being presented.


    If both the student and teacher can work in good-faith and are honest with each other, then the process of re-assessment will allow each and every student to maximize their levels of achievement and succeed in this class.  




    (Please fill out and sign this portion and have your student return it.)


    I have read and understand the information given to my student and me regarding Mr. Wade’s social contract and reassessment procedures.


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