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    Course Expectations
    Math 6


    I.  Course Description


    The Arizona College and Career Ready Standards for 6th grade include Number Systems, Ratios and Proportional Reasoning, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, and Statistics.  Students will begin to develop and use mathematical practices and different avenues of thinking.  The purpose of the course is to create an environment in which all students think and perform as mathematicians.


    1. Required Curriculum


    We will be using Eureka Math.  There is no textbook.  Students will be required to maintain coursework and homework folders to house our curriculum.  We will also be utilizing composition notebooks for note-taking.  Students will be required to bring these to class each day.


    III. Course Information


    1. Grading- Grades are earned by performance on quizzes, exams, projects, and presentations. These grades are based on knowledge and mastery and will reflect what the students can do independently.  Students who are not satisfied with their score on exams can request to take it again, however they must first come in for extra help.  I will be sending home quizzes and exams and will require a parent/guardian signature.  Your support with this is greatly appreciated.


    1. Optional Extended Learning Opportunity- Throughout the week there will be opportunities for students to get extra practice on Eureka Math. These optional learning opportunities will be counted in the gradebook; however, they will not affect the student’s grade.  You can see them in Parent Vue, but they will show as not for grading.



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    Parent/Guardian Full Name: __________________________                                       Date: __________________


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      I have read and understand the terms for 6th grade mathematics.


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    1. Required Extended Learning Opportunity- We will have one weekly assignment serving as a spiral review.  This will be handed out on Tuesday and will be due on the following Tuesday.  Students who do not complete the review will be stamped to stay after school.  I have math help every Tuesday and can help them get this completed.  These scores will also appear in Student/Parent Vue, but will also show up as not for grading.


    1. Tutoring- Math 6 tutoring offered by 6th grade teachers will be available after school until 4:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and some Thursdays.


    1. Attendance- Attendance is of utmost value for student success in this course.  Students are responsible for making up notes and/or assignments and exams.  Students are expected to arrive on time and stay for the entire class period.  Those who arrive late will be marked tardy and stamped to stay after school per school policy.


    1. Communication- Communication between home and school is extremely important.  Please check your child’s agenda nightly.  Each week there will be a stamp filled out with important information regarding behavior and/or assignments and grades.  We will require a parent signature each week.  You can also access grades through Parent/Student Vue.



    1. Gum and Electronics- Gum is not allowed.  Any electronic device will be taken and the parent or guardian will have to pick it up after school in the office. Devices must be turned OFF in class (not on vibrate).


    1.   Additional Resources-  Here are some websites for extra practice:



    • Learnzillion  (videos that align to AZ standards)
    • Khan Academy (videos and other lessons)
    • ZooWhiz (games, interactives)
    • Ten Marks (virtual program)
    • XtraMath (math fact practice)