• What is an ECAP?

    ECAP stands for "Education and Career Action Plan," and is a graduation requirement in the state of Arizona.  CHS counselors work with your students twice a year in completing the various components of their ECAP.  The ECAP is both a documented plan and a process that students use with support from school counselors, teachers and parents to clarify their career goals and to refine their postsecondary plans. It helps guide their decisions about the courses and activities they choose throughout high school. ECAP gives students “a voice and a choice” in personalizing education around their interests, their skills, and their aspirations, so that they can maximize the opportunities available to them after graduation.


    CHS ECAP Schedule - Fall 2019


    • Supermatch
    • Game Plan
    • Brag Sheet
    • Scholarship Search
    • Four year plans 


    • "Do what you are" Assessment
    • Four year plans 


    • "Strengths Explorer" Assessment
    • Four Year Plan


    • Learning Styles
    • Four year plans.