• Here at Summit, our art teacher, Chandra Hemminger teaches the fundamentals of art in Art I, Art II, and Ceramics & Sculpture. The foundations of each of the principles and elements are presented in the Art I class, along with an introduction to a variety of art media and processes. Our Ceramics & Sculpture class focuses entirely on 3D art created using a variety of techniques in clay.


    Art Class Rationale

    Understanding the principles and elements of design is important for giving expression through art to ideas arising from our creative intelligence. This class is formed with a primary focus on these principles and elements of design in order to provide you with a solid foundation to the fundamentals of art so that you may advance in your creative journey. 

    Strong design principles are the foundation for very successful art projects and are the recipe for an awesome work of art. They can be thought of as the theory of the art process, or the rules for creating art. The principles of art include a center of interest, balance, unity, variety, rhythm, and repetition. These principles, when combined with the elements assist to create an aesthetic placement of things that will produce an excellent design. The elements of art include line, color, shape, texture, form, and value. think of these as the ingredients that go into a recipe, while the principles are the written recipe. 

    This deign unit emphasizes the principles and elements of design within the context of a variety of literature on art, as well as many 2D and 3D art projects created both traditionally and digitally. Your understanding of art & design will grow as you build up layers of experience with different lesson plans. You will be shown the unity and relationships amongst one another and how they all work together in infinite combinations to create art.