Hemminger's Classroom Rules & Procedures


    • All students should be in their seats when the bell rings, prepared to work.
    • If you are late, you will be marked late! 3 tardies = 1 absence.
    • Be respectful to others and their property, this includes school property.
    • Don’t touch anything that isn't yours!
    • Follow directions the first time they are given (practice attentive listening).
    • Do not interrupt while someone else is speaking.
    • All students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. This includes returning all art supplies to their proper homes before being excused from class.
    • Use of electronic devices is prohibited unless you are given specific permission. This includes cell phones and mp3 players
    • NO FOOD OR DRINK is permitted on the art room tables.
    • If you are late, please enter the room quietly and join the discussion/ introduction. It is your responsibility to get caught up. Ask the teacher or a peer for assistance.
    • Getting Art Supplies – Art supplies for each project will be set out on the supply table. Supplies are to be returned to where they came from in a clean and orderly fashion. Students may be assigned responsibilities to ensure the return of certain supplies.
    • Artwork in Progress – Most of your art projects will take more than one day to complete. These works (and sometimes materials) are to be stored in your assigned “cubby”. Prior to any due date, you are to come into class, grab your artwork from your portfolio and immediately begin working. When a project is due, a place will be designated in which to turn it in.
    • During Demonstrations and instruction  Be attentive and do not interrupt while the teacher is talking of while others are. If you have a question related to what is being presented, please raise your hand and wait to be recognized. All unrelated matters (including leaving the room for ANY reason) shall wait until the demonstration or explanation is complete.


    • Clean up – Will take place 2-5 minutes prior to the end of class; when working with certain supplies, this amount of time may increase. You are NOT to put your work away until you are asked to. Please do not wait for the bell by the doorway and spill into the hall.
    • Wednesdays – will most likely be our day designated to reading and writing activities. If you are absent on any given day, YOU are responsible to acquiring that days’ activity and making it up on your own in a timely manner.
    • Reading and Writing activities – will be completed in a matter similar to that done by other teachers in not only this school but across the district. You will be expected to read passages closely, with the purpose of gaining knowledge from it.
    • Participation - you can easily pass this class simply by participating, TAKING PART! You are expected to come prepared to class daily and to actively participate in group/class discussions and activities. You are eligible to receive up to 5 points daily – that can really add up!!! These points are a reflection of your productivity in class and count toward your final grade!




    Your performance on art projects is NOT based on “how good of an artist you are”. Each project comes with expectations that highlight what has been taught. Sometimes they are geared toward the proper use of materials, processes, or simply your ability to follow directions (sometimes step-by-step). Each grading process will be outlined and available by request in rubric form.

    All artwork will have a due date (to be determined as the class begins each project). You are expected to turn your work in completed by that date, or risk the loss of points.