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    Choir at Veteran's Day Concert


    Have questions?

    When's Choir?

    4th grade practices from 9:00-9:35am on Tuesdays and 5th grade practices from 9:00-9:35am on Thursdays.

    How do I practice at home?

    The best way to learn a song is to keep singing it! Sing along with the tracks on the "Songs" page or use a CD if requested from Ms. Leung. Do you know the words? If someone listened to you, would they know what you are singing? If you are sure that you know it, find a buddy to practice with!

    What do I wear during a performance?

    White on top, black on bottom. No logos and the clothing must be mostly white/black. Ladies, skirts or dresses must be below the knee. Shoes are up to your preference.

    My throat hurts when I'm singing. What do I do?

    It could be lots of reasons! It might be that you are tightening your throat when you are singing or simply singing for too long. The voice uses a muscle, like any sport. If the quarterback never rested, he'd hurt himself and wouldn't be ready for the game, so please be careful with your voice. If your throat or voice still hurts, talk to Ms. Leung!