Contact Me

  •  I have listed the various ways to contact me as well as my response time. I know it can be a pain but please call the attendance line any time your student is feeling sick or will not be at school AND send me a messege so I can plan accordingly. I will not send home packets for missed days. Make up work will be completed in class with myself or one of the classroom aides.

    *Email-comes to my cell phone and I can respond very quickly:

    *ClassTag App or website: The class tag app allows us to communicate but does not give out personal information or phone numbers. Ican leave reminders and announcements, it creates sign ups for class activities or field trips, I can add pictures through the year for you to see, such a great tool. And, it comes to my phone so I . can look at everything at home.  The webite will give you information but ot a way for me to respond to questions.

    *I check voicemails once a day at the end of my day. It is a classroom phone and does not forward to my cell phone. Our classroom number is(928) 773-4150 ext.2117. This is not a quick way but will work for less pressing matters.  

                                        Thank you for a wonderful start!


                                                                Mrs. Lilly