World History/ Geography

  • The Main website that students will be using is through google classroom. That website is where I will post copies of lectures, class handouts, links to students resources etc. that have been utilized in class. Each class has its own log in code that will be given in class and is listed below if you have need it again. If you have any questions please let me know. 

    I am available every day at lunch and after school barring a prior commitment. If you need help just check with me first to make sure I do not have a scheduling conflict. 

    Google Classroom Class Codes (Don't forget you will need to use your district email to log in) 

    1st Hour - qhzhcw2

    2nd Hour - 37nh5fs 

    3rd Hour - gpcpwxr

    4th Hour - 

    5th Hour -  

    6th Hour - jfoiaeq 

    7th Hour - ypeybqz


    Contact Info: