Degrees and Certifications:

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry


Summer Assignment

Ch 01 Chemical Foundations

Ch 02 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

Ch 03 Stoichiometry

Ch 04 Reactions in Adueous Solutions

Ch 05 Thermochemistry

Ch 06 Quantum Theory

Ch 07 Electron Configuration

Ch 8-9 Chemical Bonding

Ch 11 Gases

Ch 13 Properties of Solutions

Ch 14 Chemical Kinetics


Second Semester

Ch 15 Chemical Equilibrium

Ch 16 Acids and Bases

Ch 18 Spotaneity, Entropy and Free Energy

Ch 19 Electrochemistry

Ch 20 Nuclear

Ch 10 Organic

Review for AP Exam

Review for AP Exam

AP Chem Exam First Monday in May