• Welcome to Physical Education (P.E.) at Kinsey

    What: Kinsey’s comprehensive Physical Education (P.E.) program is designed to provide students with knowledge, developmentally appropriate activities, transferable skills, and motivation that will build a foundation for lifetime fitness and healthy behaviors. Each class will include an instant activity, skill/lesson explanation, a related activity, and wrap up discussion. Arizona Department of Education Physical Education Standards and Assessment curriculum will be incorporated throughout the year.

    When: Your child will have P.E. for 30 minutes once per week.

    Where: Outdoor P.E. classes will be held on the Kinsey field or on the upper basketball courts. Indoor P.E classes will be held in the gym located in the upper hallway. When inclement or dangerous weather exists, P.E. classes will be immediately moved inside.

    Why: Data shows that daily physical activity and knowledge on healthy lifestyles improve overall health of children. Several studies have proved that providing increased time for physical activity can lead to better concentration, reduced disruptive behaviors, and higher self-confidence. Developing transferable skills such as teamwork, dedication, collaboration, and communication help students develop academically and socially.

    Grading (1st-5th grades): Each student can receive 4 P.E. points per class.

    Possible Points:

    • Kinsey K.I.D.S Behavior Expectations (2 possible points)
      • Wonder- Inquisitive attitude about a new game, lesson, activity, positive attitude
      • Integrity- Being your best at all times, eager to learn, following directions, being safe
      • Collaboration- Encouraging and positive talk to classmates, cooperating with others
      • Engagement- prepared for class and actively participating. Includes appropriate shoes (and tied/ secured), hair pulled away from face, sunscreen/hat if necessary
    • Levels of Responsibility – (2 possible points)
      • High level of caring for others- exhibiting sportsmanship like behaviors
      • Understanding personal space and safe movements
      • Acknowledging and adhering to pre-designated P.E area
      • Adhering to specific P.E. safety standards and procedures

    ***Please contact me immediately to discuss any medical issues (asthma, diabetes, surgery, etc) that may impede your student from participating.