• First Grade - Mrs. Carruthers

    To share with the classroom:

    Baggies – gallon size boys only

    Sandwich bags – girls only

    Hand sanitizer – girls only

    Hand soap – boys only

    Hand wipes – (Clorox)


    Tissue – 1 box

    For your child’s use:


    Class fee - $25.00 - $30.00 (For field trips and other class supplies)

    Composition notebook – 4 black


    The following items should be labeled and put in a plastic pencil box. The pencil box should fit on your child’s desk:

    Plastic pencil box


    Crayons 1 box

    Pencils (6-8)

    Dry Erase markers – (4-6 expo skinny type)

    Highlighters – any color (2-4)

    Glue sticks – 1 package

    Cheap ear buds/headphones to use with iPads

    Other Donations:

    Copy Paper and clear sheet protectors