Please donate your Tax Credit to Marshall today!

Our Programs Need YOU!

  • Please consider making your tax credit donation to Marshall's Magnet Programs! It doesn't cost you a thing and all donations go directly to our one-of-a-kind programming.

    You have until April 15th, 2021 to donate to Marshall and take your donation directly off of your 2020 state taxes. This isn't just any donation, individuals can give up to $200, and married couples filing jointly can give up to $400 to Marshall directly and that amount will be taken dollar-for-dollar off of your taxes! So, if you only owe $100, your $200 tax credit will pay your taxes AND you will recieve a $100 tax refund! Send it straight to Marshall instead of giving it to the state. 

    Click Here to Donate - Just select the "Marshall" button and follow the instructions.

    Or stop by the Marshall front office and bring in cash or a check made out to "Marshall Magnet Elementary".