Tax Credit Donations & Field Trips

  • Welcome to First Grade! Field trips are 100% funded by your tax credit donations. Teachers do not receive a budget for field trips or any kind of assistance. The costs of buses, admission and travel are completely paid for by the generous donations of our parents here at DeMiguel.

    If you have never made an Arizona Tax Credit donation, it is super easy! If you are filing single you can donate up to $200 and if you are married you may donate up to $400. Even grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors can donate to our classroom. The best part get 100% of your donation back when you file your taxes!! It's basically a free donation:) 

    Our class is starting the school year with almost nothing in our field trip account. I cannot schedule field trips unless I know we have the funds to cover them. Please consider making a donation to our class field trip account.

    If you have ANY questions at all about making a tax credit donation, please don't hesitate to contact me!