Classroom supplies


    2020-2021                                  Suggested List of School Supplies for Ms. S. Davidson’s second grade class

    Firstly, I suggest that you take advantage of the great school supply discounts available around town prior to August 9th. Some supplies will need to be replaced, so it will save you money, if you buy extras of some items and store them at home until needed.· We have limited storage space within the classroom.

    The following supplies will be needed for when we return to teaching in-person  in our classroom. Some will be helpful for remote learning lessons. When learning math through remote lessons, it will be helpful to have a small collection of objects for counting, such as beans, popsicle sticks/drink stirrers. 

    Glue sticks (9)  Save 6 at home

    * SEVEN, 2-pocket vinyl  (plastic) folders of any color. (Labeled with your child's name on the top right-hand side cover with PROJECTS, MATH, READING, WRITING, SCIENCE,SOCIAL STUDIES , and ROCKET MATH *Paper ones tear quickly.

    *  One box of Kleenex 

    *  Water bottle (must fit into the cubby, so no bigger than 16-20 oz. size)

    *  Child-size scissors (pointed, like FISKARS brand)

    *  Pump bottle of regular, liquid, hand-sanitizer . We have a sink in our room. 

    *  Two  rolls of paper towels ( more needed at each new quarter)

    * Disinfectant wipes

     *Six, wide-ruled, primary lined, not college ruled, spiral notebooks . Label with your child's name and subjects:MATH, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, READING, WRITING, SPANISH

    * 1 wooden ruler (inches and centimeters)

    *1 pink pencil eraser

    * 3  highlighters (2 broad and 1 narrow tip marker)

    *2 dry erase black markers

    * one 8/12 by 11 inch (or 9 by 12 in.) blank white board (frameless) to fit inside the desk

    · a pack of 6, #2  wooden pencils, pre-sharpened. (they can be yellow or black on the outside) Fancy covered pencils  are actually covered with plastic, which clogs up our electric pencil sharpener. (send in 3 every quarter, please)

    *One personal set of headphones or earbuds for iPads. For sanitary reasons, each child must have his/her own. 

    *A box of crayons

    * a set of watercolor markers

    * Optional:Crayons that have a gold, silver, and white crayon inside and can be stored in a cubby.

    * 4 healthy snacks each week, as we have a morning snack time, Mon.-Thurs. every week. 

    *a hat/cap to keep at school to wear whenever outside at school  for P.E. or recess, in order to prevent too much sun exposure. You might want to apply sunscreen to your child's exposed skin prior to leaving for school.  

    *2 plastic pencil boxes (organizes pencils, crayons, scissor, erasers, etc.)

    *1 plastic shoebox-sized container for supplies


    Class donation of $25 which covers field trips, arts and crafts activities, a class play, science experiment supplies, and projects.Checks should be made out to Knoles School. On the bottom line, simply write:Ms. Davidson's class funds. A PTO parent deposits the funds into a classroom account and reimburses the teacher as receipts are handed in.

    ·   Supplies requested are varied by the classroom teacher. In this classroom, we do NOT use mechanical pencils, watercolor markers,or trapper keepers .** Toys, trading cards, and electronic games are not to be brought to school.  We discourage the wearing of flip-flops, due to our graveled, downhill-sloped playground hills, in order to prevent injury.  Any type of internet watch-phone must be turned off to only show the time during the school day. Cell phones must be turned off all school day and kept inside the backpack.


    * We take time each day for snacks at mid-morning from Mon.-Thurs. Please avoid sending in sugary treats like cookies, donuts, candy, sugar-coated pop tarts, chocolate coated snack bars.  Think of healthier alternative snacks to send in like: yogurt, cheese sticks, some fresh fruit, fresh carrot sticks, nuts ( if we don't have children with allergies), dried fruit,  crackers. You might want to put 4, non-refrigerated snacks in the backpack each Monday, so that your child has one for each day that can be kept in his/her cubby.Every Friday, we have Friendship Fruit Salad as snack.All children will bring in a sandwich baggie with cut up pieces of fresh fruit and we will pool our fruits in a bowl and enjoy it together. It is a community building activity beginning the 2nd week of school, as I will make the first fruit salad.

    If your child brings his/her own lunch to school, it must be something non-microwaveable, as we don't have microwaves in the lunchroom. The Knoles website has a lunch site, so that you can open an account online or via your smart phone and deposit funds throughout the year for hot lunches. Milk can also be purchased.

    *** Please protect your child's possessions (and your investment). Use permanent marker to write your child's name onto the backpack, lunchbox , cap, jacket, water bottle, jackets/sweatshirts,  and all folders and notebooks.

     I will  delighted to be your child’s second grade teacher this year and am looking  forward to the day when we can be together !!  

    With warm regards,

     Ms. Davidson