• Hello MIT-e families!


    My name is Kathryn Wertz and I will be teaching your child’s 6th grade Science and Engineering classes for the MIT-e program! I wanted to welcome you to Sinagua and give you a heads up about some upcoming events and some very important paperwork that will be coming your way the first day of school! We will be hitting the ground running, and it is my hope that providing this information to you in advance will make for a less overwhelming transition.

    1. There will be one syllabus for both the MIT-e Science and MIT-e Engineering classes in addition to a MIT-e Science and Engineering Program Overview. Please read them over with your student so that we are all on the same page! Both of you should sign it, and return it by Monday, August 12th! The syllabus can also be found on my staff webpage.
    2. Students will be receiving their Camp Colton permission slip and information packet on Thursday. With the newly revised lessons, Camp Colton is an even more important part of our curriculum than before. We will be attending camp August 19-22. This packet needs to be competed, signed in ALL 5 locations, and returned by Monday, August 12th. Any medications that your student may need while attending camp MUST be brought to the nurse by Monday, August 12 as well. Please consult the packet as there are specific instructions on how to do this.
    3. Due to our accelerated curriculum, please make sure your student has the following materials by Friday, August 9th! (Required materials: 1 composition notebook for science, 1 composition notebook for engineering, 1 folder for science, 1 folder for engineering, and a flash drive.) Your student may also find it helpful to have a specific folder, binder, or another organization method for taking assignments, homework, and other documents, to and from school. As you can already tell, they will be getting a great deal of information and important paperwork that first day, so please make sure they are prepared with whatever method works best for them!
    4. Parent/Guardian Homework: Yes, you read correctly! I will be sending home a short assignment for parents/guardians. You can get your response to me by sending it to school with your student or emailing it to kwertz1@fusd.org.

    I know this is an abundance of information, so please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.


    I am very excited to meet you all!






    Kathryn Wertz