Earth Science

  • Earth Science 2020-21
    Instructor: Miguel Fernandez
    Room: 709

    Earth Science Syllabus! 

    Welcome to Earth Science, this is one of three lab classes that you will need in order to graduate at CHS.  This is an introductory class to the broad field of Earth science and more. Meteorology, Climatology, Minerals, Rocks, Plate tectonics, Earth Resources and Human Impact on the Environment, Geologic structures and features, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, The Solar System Formation, and Astronomy. We will be exploring much of the content of this class through lab work, this involves working in groups which may be assigned to you. 


    Always treat others with respect and do your best to contribute to the class whether it be during discussion, lecture or labs.  Please be on time, bring a note-book (specifically for Earth science) and a pencil to write with for class, and be ready to learn. 

    Make-up work

    Late work will be accepted for up to 7 days after the due date, 5% will be taken off the earned grade for every day it is late.  Exceptions to the late work policy will be considered according to school policies.  There will be no take home group projects for this class, but there will be individual homework assignments, such as research papers, articles for discussion in class, book-work and studying for quizzes and tests.


    15% Tests and Quizzes

    85% Labs, Class-work, Homework, Papers and Warm-ups.

    90%-100%= A
    80%-89%= B
    70%-79%= C
    60%-69%= D
    <59%= F