Senior year Timeline

  • Remember, your student will be on their own soon; the more you allow them to complete these tasks independently, the better prepared they will be for life on their own.



    • Have your student make sure that their Naviance account has the most up to date email address that they check regularly. This is the best way the CHS counseling Department has to get information to your students.  We send emails all year long about scholarships, college reps that are visiting our school, financial opportunities, etc.



    • Make sure your student’s transcript has the required credits to get into the schools of their interests.
    • Find out if official transcripts need to be sent to their colleges of choice. Students can request to have official transcripts send through their Naviance Account (See Resource tab on instructions on how to do this)
    • Take a look at the ACT and SAT testing schedule for the year. Then have your student register and take it, if they need to try and improve their score. and
    • Start filling out a “brag sheet”/resume to give to those who your student has chosen to write letters of recommendations.



    • Make a final list of schools that interest your student and have them keep a file with all the deadlines and required admission items for each school.
    • Have official test scores sent by the testing agency to the college/universities that have made your child’s final list.
    • Have your student get started on any essay that are included with your child’s applications.
    • Students should be contacting any adults that they would like to write recommendations and give them deadlines and their resume.
    • FAFSA opens! Begin filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Even if you don’t think you qualify, you will need to fill it out.  Many scholarships require a FAFSA to be filled out before even being able to apply for their scholarships



    • Have your student begin submitting their admission applications.
    • Start spending time on the scholarship search engines. (See resource tab)
    • There is also the CHS College/Career Center that has binders with different scholarships that come to CHS.
    • Your student should be receiving emails through Naviance about the different scholarships that coming up.
    • Your student should be working on any scholarships applications and submitting them according to deadlines.



    • Finish the FAFSA, if you have not already done so.
    • Your student should make sure their official test scores are being sent to the colleges they are applying to.
    • Your student should put in requests, through Naviance, for any school requesting a mid year transcripts.



    • Make sure transcripts have been requested and set to ALL colleges/universities your student is applying to.
    • Contact admission office of the colleges that your student has applied to make sure that they have received and have everything that they need.
    • If your child doesn’t already have a computer, help your student investigate on being able to purchase one for college.



    • Encourage your student to complete scholarship applications.
    • Contact financial aid offices of the applied colleges to make sure your student’s information that has been received and they are not missing anything.



    • Your student will probably have heard from the colleges/university as to whether or not they have been accepted by April 15th.
    • Compare acceptance letters, financial aid packages and scholarship offers and MAKE THE DECISION!



    • Take any AP exams for any AP subjects that your student studied this year. IF your student scores 3-5, this could potentially clep your student out of classes in the college/university
    • Make sure your student declines any colleges/university that they chose not to attend.



    • Your student should have requested a final transcript to be sent to their school of choice, through Naviance and the Senior Exit Survey. If they have not, have them get on their Naviance account and do so.
    • Contact your student’s college to determine when fees for tuition, room and board are due, and how much they will cost.
    • Help your student participate in any summer orientation programs for incoming freshman.
    • You and your student did it! Relax and enjoy the rest of the summer together!